Some Movies You Should Have Watched By Now: Part 2

Yep, it's that time again folks! Time for me to start making life choices for you again if you haven't seen these films. Seriously. 


Pulp Fiction

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Now, before I go on a tirade, how could you do this to my heart? This may be singularly my favorite movie and for you to have not seen it, I consider it a crime. Tarantino, if you're reading this, it is a crime! So, bring me on set of the next movie because I wanna meet Sam Jackson, like...YESTERDAY.

The long and short of of the movie is some people manage to redeem themselves and some don’t, but they all meet endings appropriate to their choices made through out the movie. One of the main stand out features of this cult classic is the razor-sharp dialogue that was expertly written for the people delivering it. One person in particular had a knack for their character’s way with words, and clearly the director thought so as well as they have since returned for every other Tarantino film since. Who on this blessed earth could I possibly be talking about? Samuel L. Jackson in case anyone was struggling, that’s who. His turn as Jules marked the beginning of a beautiful partnership between himself and Tarantino, and it’s not hard to see why. Jackson was mesmerizing as the philosophical mobster whose whole story reached a climax when he had what alcoholics refer to as a moment of 'clarity', and he decided through witnessing a miracle that the gangster life was no longer for him. He just knows how to say the stuff that Tarantino pens, and you can’t help but find yourself laughing at him with the way he says some of his lines – that dry wit is always there and I love it.


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Described as "It's an artfully wicked vengeance. Unforgiven is the most provocative western of Eastwood's career, and with Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman and Richard Harris along for the ride, it's also the most potently acted." by Travers of Rolling stone, is Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven. Make no mistake folks, this is not cliche, "ride into the sunset" western and it definitely does not try to be. 

I suppose the them of today's list is going to be redemption that doesn't really stick. More so, those who do, get dealt with - in all meanings of the phrase. It doesn't matter quite what you do, so long as the deed is equalized. Which is painstakingly made clear in this film. I remember growing up watching my grandfather (and everyone else's grandfather) watch westerns and I never got the appeal until I saw this movie. It sets the tone as outlaw turned hog farmer William Munny (Eastwood) and Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman) goes on what I like to call an "equalizing" spree on those who done wrong by a woman (a provider, if you will lol), which he never intended to do, but he needed the money to keep his family's head above water. 

If you haven't seen this film - do so. Seriously, I shouldn't even have to say this.



Not going to start with the fact that Robert De Niro is.......deep sigh. Which reminds me, Taxi driver is going to be on the next Installment of this series. Don't let me forget! >_> 

Anyway, GoodFellas - three decades of life in the mafia by Scorsese, what can I say? I love the villainous point of view. Sometimes I can stand a good anti-hero (Unforgiven) but to go pure mad and run amok, that's it. That's "what gets the people going" as Will Ferrell said in Blades of Glory. 

Scorsese is the right director - the only director - for this material. He knows it inside out. The great formative experience of his life was growing up in New York's Little Italy as an outsider who observed everything - an asthmatic kid who couldn't play sports, whose health was too bad to allow him to lead a normal childhood, who was often overlooked, but never missed a thing.

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If you've watched these, congratulations, you and I are on the same page, if you have not, watch them. Now. Until then, let me know what you think on Twitter!

As always, 


A picnic for the lone lady?

Since We're coming to the end of the summer and what way to close it out than to have a solo picnic. Right? The weather by the lakeshore is gorgeous right now. I stopped by whole foods and GoGrocer and picked up a spread of fruits, chips and pineapple salsa (which I later found out I hate; sweet pre-packaged salsa = ick), pinwheels, sliced cured meats, cheeses, and some cool fermented Cherry cola. Before you ask, yes, I took photos (you come to expect nothing less).

Upon making my run to Whole Foods, I saw these two lads who seem to have been making their way to a similar beach bound excursion. I did, quite nosily, inquire with them about where they were off to with their array of treats, coolers, and Birkenstocks. They told me exactly what I intended to hear: Beach Day!

I'm pleased to say I took several naps whilst laying on the beach. It consisted of eating fruit, napping, Reading, looking at various dogs (mostly labs were out that day) playing fetch in the water, more fruit gorging and yet, even more, napping. To say it was glorious and well-deserved, would be an understatement. My only wish is that perhaps I had spent it with someone who enjoys that sort of immense relaxation - and napping. Alas, most everyone I know prefers the nightlife versus languid days spent in the sun and on the surf (no one surfs here btw, it's a lake, so don't get your hopes too high).

One thing I wanted to make mention of was Newman's Own brand pineapple salsa. Now, I've had homemade pineapple salsa as well as that made in-restaurant, but I have to say, this particular product made me very nearly swear off the stuff almost entirely. I realize that is a very strong opinion to have over some store bought salsa but jeez louise, it was awful. To start, in my opinion, salsa should be served chunky, otherwise, what is the point? I don't eat pureed salsa unless it's on a taco, because otherwise it just runs right off the chip!  That, in my opinion makes it a condiment to go on tacos, tamales, so and so forth, plain and simple. Maybe I'm being overly critical, perhaps, but that is not important. 

Another thing! Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Colas are AMAZING. I was absolutely astounded. It was aromatic, non-synthetic tasting and definitely a regular additive to my frigo. If you make your way into a GoGrocer or Whole Foods, pick one up and thank me later. It was definitely a defining moment of the day (and the reason for this blog to be clear). I had a video I took of the beach which took ages to uploaded so I hope you appreciate the lengths that I go to to keep you entertained and involved in my corner of the universe.



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