Finally joining the cult called Social Media.

Okay okay okay. So I have finally bit the bullet and decided to stop being so private. I realize that social media is the dawn of the new age and that many people like to see what we, the providers, do in our day to day lives. At first, I was a bit hesitant but I figured why not? At this point I don't see anything wrong with the instant gratification provided by the frequent use social media in this context. My blog is active, sure, but I have heard suggestions of using social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram (platforms I am not overly familiar with so bear with me) to supplement these blogs because while the blog posts are nice and give a pretty extensive insight as to who I am, the social media presence definitely feels more personal. I want those I meet to still feel involved in what I have going from day to day which is why I post these blogs, send newsletters and have now decided to opt into social media. Who knows? I may even get snap chat!

Anywho, here are my handles for Twitter and Instagram. If those links don't work, it's @OniZarina, for both. I don't have anything up yet but there is A LOT coming as I have a photo shoot planned, I can now start documenting my solo Brunches, my beach walks, new developments, tours, etc.