The Simple things and a brief Self Analysis

Note* Scroll down and press play for some blues by B.B. King while you read. The player takes a few seconds to start so it's perfect to press play now while you read! Unfortunate, I know but this is the small price you pay to be as cool as I am.....right? 

Sometimes, I find that it is quite nice to reflect on the smaller details - the little pleasures that bring me immense joy from their simplicity. Things that, is some ways, tether me back to earth, and bring me a sense of peace in my surroundings. 

I'm sure you have read enough to deduce that I'm all over the place in my interests. Literature, finance, travel, art, food, you name it, I love it. While these things are what I consider to be leisurely pleasures, sometimes my thoughts get jumbled up and I have to find a way to reset. 

I have noticed that I skip from interest to interest every day for the sake of keeping things fresh and refraining from the mundane. Why is this? Well, in part I believe it is because boredom gives way to an idle mind and an idle mind is not all appealing to me. I'm a student of life and I always need to be learning, making, experiencing, living. The interests I have may seem clich√© as everyone "loves to travel, keep fit, try new foods, read, etc" but hardly anyone truly means that. That is disappointing, at least to those who devote themselves to the task of developing a thorough and passionate knowledge of their preferred interest. This presents my dilemma: Am I nothing without my interests? 

Not so - because we are all shaped by our interests and disinterests and it allows us layered personalities. I like to consider myself complex in an unpretentious way. I don't feign mystery or pretend to be an enigmatic eccentric. I like what I like and I've had the pleasure of meeting those who appreciate that as it is. Which is simple. Which brings me back to my original point for posting this - the simple things, what they are and why they matter. 

Simple things:

A fresh notebook from the little stationery shop in Korea-town

A 3-wick candle burning

Sleeping during a thunderstorm

An organized clean home

Neat handwriting

Freshly manicured hands and feet

The sauna at the end of a workout

A new book

Handwritten letters

Slippers and a silk robe

A stroll on the beach at sunset

Floating in water - alone

A forehead kiss


 What a fitting and wonderful image..

What a fitting and wonderful image..


I realize the list may a bit confusing but I suppose I take from this the sense of relaxation I experience when these things come to fruition. They are my "reset" buttons if you will.  Because of my love for simplicity I've been trying to find ways to simplify my life more and more each day so that I have more mental space clear for only the things I love. Everything else runs in the background.