Solo brunch: A Day in Gold Coast.

I have made it a summer 2017 resolution of mine to stop being such a homebody and get out to enjoy Chicago! So, I decided to document it and I had so much fun doing it I think I may make this a regular thing. Solo brunch day bi-weekly or monthly. Who knows? 


So, I started my Sunday taking a stroll on the lakeshore path but I think that make have been a poor decision as I was wearing a wrap dress and it all but flew open giving the bike riders an unanticipated show haha! The Chicago wind is no joke and the next time I call myself taking a breezy walk along the path, I will dress accordingly, which may be an issue since my favorite article of clothing is a well-made wrap dress haha. I'll just make sure to wear shorts underneath.

Chopped Salad with Salmon 

I ended up going to Tavern on Rush and having a gorgeous chopped salad with Salmon. I enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and eventually was greeted by fellow patrons at the bar, which where I chose to have my brunch. They were a polite bunch, asking me why I was dining alone on such a beautiful day. I simply replied that I do enjoy my own company, much like Marilyn Monroe once said and they all agreed that it can be very nice sometimes to take yourself on a date. Personally, I do it quite a lot. It's how I've come to know exactly who I am and what I tend to enjoy so I don't stutter in confusion when someone I'm not familiar with asks me "So, what do you do for fun?".

Afterwards, I decided to take a bit of a breather down Michigan and do a bit of window shopping. I was in dire need of a fun new blazer (I am not much of a fan of wearing black) and I figured I'd go to Zara and get one but alas, I didn't make it down that far. I end up getting a pair of Charles David Donnie Pumps and a GORGEOUS sable colored satin dress for the nights when I really want to turn some heads. I wanted to get a new watch because my current time teller is beginning to bore me but I figured it's still a very nice watch and I should be practical above all else. 

By this time it got to be about 6:45 and I wanted an early night cap so I wandered around trying to decided where I wanted to have a cocktail. I originally thought to go back to Tavern or perhaps Gibson's since I love their chocolate cake (yum!) but eventually decided on The Signature room because it was closest in proximity. I know a lot of people consider it a tourist trap but I think the view is stunning so I still go. 

I think people should definitely take themselves out more often. I know there is this lingering stigma against being seen eating or drinking alone. Unless you're being stood up, I don't think there is anything wrong with enjoying your own company outside of the home. Get dressed up, spray a bit of perfume or cologne on and head out! I've found it has made me quite a confident person in the long run because I know I can have fun both in the presence of friends and without. 


Next time!