A picnic for the lone lady?

Since We're coming to the end of the summer and what way to close it out than to have a solo picnic. Right? The weather by the lakeshore is gorgeous right now. I stopped by whole foods and GoGrocer and picked up a spread of fruits, chips and pineapple salsa (which I later found out I hate; sweet pre-packaged salsa = ick), pinwheels, sliced cured meats, cheeses, and some cool fermented Cherry cola. Before you ask, yes, I took photos (you come to expect nothing less).

Upon making my run to Whole Foods, I saw these two lads who seem to have been making their way to a similar beach bound excursion. I did, quite nosily, inquire with them about where they were off to with their array of treats, coolers, and Birkenstocks. They told me exactly what I intended to hear: Beach Day!

I'm pleased to say I took several naps whilst laying on the beach. It consisted of eating fruit, napping, Reading, looking at various dogs (mostly labs were out that day) playing fetch in the water, more fruit gorging and yet, even more, napping. To say it was glorious and well-deserved, would be an understatement. My only wish is that perhaps I had spent it with someone who enjoys that sort of immense relaxation - and napping. Alas, most everyone I know prefers the nightlife versus languid days spent in the sun and on the surf (no one surfs here btw, it's a lake, so don't get your hopes too high).

One thing I wanted to make mention of was Newman's Own brand pineapple salsa. Now, I've had homemade pineapple salsa as well as that made in-restaurant, but I have to say, this particular product made me very nearly swear off the stuff almost entirely. I realize that is a very strong opinion to have over some store bought salsa but jeez louise, it was awful. To start, in my opinion, salsa should be served chunky, otherwise, what is the point? I don't eat pureed salsa unless it's on a taco, because otherwise it just runs right off the chip!  That, in my opinion makes it a condiment to go on tacos, tamales, so and so forth, plain and simple. Maybe I'm being overly critical, perhaps, but that is not important. 

Another thing! Fentiman's Botanically Brewed Colas are AMAZING. I was absolutely astounded. It was aromatic, non-synthetic tasting and definitely a regular additive to my frigo. If you make your way into a GoGrocer or Whole Foods, pick one up and thank me later. It was definitely a defining moment of the day (and the reason for this blog to be clear). I had a video I took of the beach which took ages to uploaded so I hope you appreciate the lengths that I go to to keep you entertained and involved in my corner of the universe.