your expectations...

What is a showing like?

Comfortable. I'm comfortable, and I want you to be too. Authenticity knew no definition until it saw my work. My aim is to provide an all-encompassing means of showing my self-identified photography. In the private showing, you will be given in-depth explanations on each piece, complimentary refreshments and treats as well as an ambience unmatched.

Where is your Gallery?

River North, there is parking, fabulous restaurants and nightlife. 

Do you accept same day showings?

Yes, if given at LEAST one to two hours notice.

May I bring a gift for the artist?

Yes, feel free to bring a vinyl record, maybe a book on art, rosé to sip while you are enjoying the exhibit or if you're feeling particularly generous, view a curated list.

Will you travel to me? With my Gallery?

Absolutely! Just send me the details of your ideas and we can set up a time and destination.

I didn't get a response or you ceased contact. Why?

I try my absolute best to respond in a timely manner, if you inquired with all the pertinent information and received no response, send me a note. If I ceased contact with you, you likely said or did something that I felt was reason enough to believe you will gain no benefit or insight from my work. I'm particular with whom I allow into my mind.