Illusion of Grace.

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Want to know a lil somethin’

It’s me, Oni, I’m the artist and the lover. Actually stop. Go watch Love Jones. I know you may not watch a lot of “black” movies but watch it, it takes place in Chicago. That’s me and that’s you, thats’ what this is. I know it seems like I’m “elusive”, or god forbid “intimidating” perhaps my allure is distant and worrisome. I get it, I don’t make it easy for you to know every word on every page that is me, the book of me. I’m not an open book - I’m a few volumes, some rare that only book collectors have seen, some best sellers, and that’s okay - who wants a one dimensional veneer? I was told I needed to add more to this page because even still, with all the personality I tried to punch into a concise masterpiece of a website (If I do say so myself), I still fell short. So here it is, my love, here you are.

I’m not cold - in fact I run hot; too hot