Interest Survey for Shows "Day" an over.
This survey is to gauge your interests and how well I believe we'd get on. Don't about how you answer, I just want to get to know you!
Legal Name used in Request Form *
Legal Name used in Request Form
Expectations *
"I have interest in getting to know you genuinely"
"Intimate acts are pretty much the only goal in mind"
"I want to spend the majority of the time in the hotel"
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mark as many as you'd like
Interests *
"I am affectionate."
"I enjoy having conversations about shared interests, my interests, current events, etc."
"I enjoy laughing and cracking jokes"
Are you open to things developing organically? *
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The Fun Part
This part is to see if we have any similarities or compliments to each other's personality.
They don't have to be deeply philosophical, I just want to know what you enjoy. I may have a few recommendations. If you do not like movies, write "none". :)
I enjoy: *
or something similar.
Music tastes? *
Italian, Senegalese, Japanese, etc?