⋆A Glance⋆

"The Desperate Man" (One)


"Black Iris" (One + Half) 


"Nefertiti" (two)


⋆A Gaze⋆

"Reclining Nude" (Three)


"A Sunday Afternoon" (four)


"The Last Supper" (Five to six)


⋆A stare⋆

"The Birth of Venus" (Eight)


"NightHawks" (night)


"Narcissus" (day)


View the Santorini Exhibit? +200 | Bringing my Gallery to you! +50

⋆Want my art in your city?⋆

Business class Airfare, 4+ star Accommodation & transportation are provided in addition.

International Minimum

Narcissus II (Two Day)

Domestic Minimum

The Last Supper (Six - Eight)

⋆Monthly Shows⋆ 

An exclusive private show.

Semi-Exclusive -  When you want scheduled experiences for new exhibits and want my guaranteed availability. (Starting at 4k/month)

Exclusive - When you want clock-free showings w/ exclusive collaborations. Inquire for additional details. (negotiable)

Collaborations with an additional model: My rate matches there's & 90 minute minimum.

Galleries Four through Day require a 20% deposit via Amazon giftcard (Venmo if larger than $350).

To visit suburbs outside of the City of Chicago, there is a 90 minute minimum plus travel fee.